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Workplace culture unlocks potential

     Workplace culture is critical to the success of an organization and its employees. Harnessing the power of a consciously cultivated workplace culture can yield amazing benefits that spread throughout the entire company. Creating an environment where employees feel included and engaged fosters creativity and productivity—two qualities that top-performing companies tirelessly work to establish and protect. In companies where employees feel their contribution is valued and that they are vital to the organization’s success, you reap the benefits of retaining employees for the long haul. An employee that feels included and valued is much more likely to go the extra mile and to feel connected to the company in a meaningful way. 

     Effective leadership in the workplace can feel like a daunting task, as there are many different angles that one can approach this effort. Yet, the effectiveness of your leadership will depend on selecting the approaches that will have the most impact. Considering this, one of the areas that involves significant time, resources, and impact are meetings. Meetings are a microcosm of the company’s culture, a mirror of what the culture values, how it operates, and the way it does business. Meetings provide an excellent window into how employees engage with each other and with the workplace, as well as how ideas are shared, received, and what comes of them.

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