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Our Values Statement

Thriven Partners is boldly resolute in our work as partners with leaders for inclusion and equity. We are thoughtful and adaptable in how we work with partners and each other, what learning we engage in and what we share. We strive for growth and synergy in our partnerships and work so that we make a difference in organizations and people’s lives. ​​

Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D.

Founder & Managing Principal

As founder of Thriven Partners, LLC, Melissa’s extensive lifelong learning informs how she approaches her work as an executive leadership coach and learning and organizational development consultant. Her work is laser focused on cultivating bravery and strategic action in clients committed to being inclusive and equitable leaders who are emotionally intelligent change agents that shift organizational culture and practices.

A passionate leader, Melissa Álvarez Mangual, Ed.D. has been truly committed to establishing data-informed, successful, sustainable initiatives that effectively take organizational programs to the next level. Melissa is devoted to working with leaders in organizations who are ready and willing to dig deep in order to shift their mindsets, adopt positive habits, and demonstrate practices that will allow them to be more inclusive and equitable leaders, active champions for diversity, equity and inclusion, and agents for change. 

Through coaching, consulting, and mentoring, Melissa has successfully encouraged and equipped dedicated individuals to take their personal and professional growth into their own hands. As a trustworthy and reliable thought and accountability partner, you can count on Melissa to provide you just the right challenge and support as you work to realize your goals. 


Margarita Román

Managing Director, Operations

Margarita is well-rounded in both corporate and nonprofit industries. She has 13 years of experience in corporate HR focused on managing both organizational learning and development and customer training on technical products, as well as two years in international sales. She is skilled in asking the best questions and actively listening when assessing the current conditions and determining the best course of action, as well as empowering others to co-create win-win solutions. She launched a successful corporate management development program that included a mentoring and coaching component, and managed global learning of internal systems.

Additionally, she has 17 years of non-profit experience in various arts organizations as well as a center for awakening consciousness, where she has held both management and staff positions in Operations, Human Resources, and Finance. She is known for her easeful equanimity, skill at facilitating the empowerment of others and establishing co-committed work relationships. 

She has completed all coursework at Columbia College Chicago’s Master in Arts Management program, holds a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Development from Northeastern Illinois University, and has PHR certifications. She is also about to complete a two-year Conscious Leadership program focusing on the combination of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and the Science of Mind for personal evolvement and coaching others to be empowered to create both the life they desire and the world they want to live in.

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