Coaching with Thriven Partners

We specialize in the development of equitable and inclusive leaders, mindset fitness, and emotional agility. Dr. Álvarez Mangual is well-equipped to work with leaders navigating identity experiences, balancing responsibilities of parenting with career ambition, executive leadership readiness, career advancement, and the empowerment of new people managers.

Income-sensitive pricing is available for individual and self-pay coaching packages. A discovery call is required to discuss and determine a pricing structure that suits the individual’s unique circumstances.

A Commitment To Your Future

​​Coaching requires a shift in the client’s habits, focus, and mindset. The coaching process takes time and work in order to achieve breakthrough thinking and action that transforms. We ask for a minimum three-month commitment from our clients, yet are open to more flexible arrangements to better meet each person’s individual needs.

The Benefits of a Thriven Partners Coach

Coaching fosters a co-active relationship that is balanced, focused, challenging, supportive, and motivating, ultimately leading to increased self-awareness, confidence, flexibility, pro-activity, a renewed sense of self and potential, and healthy relationships (personal and professional).

Executive Leadership Coaching

Preset packages that include a discovery coaching call, 1:1 video or phone sessions, and access to a client portal.

Coaching for Organizations

Curated coaching content related to your current professional development goals. Includes 1:1 executive coaching sessions.

Mentor Coaching

Individual mentor coaching available now, with  small group mentor coaching beginning Spring 2024.

Our Approach

We work with individuals invested in their personal and professional growth, and with organizations that recognize talent development as mutually beneficial for leaders, high potentials, and the organization in order to advance thinking, practice and skills to achieve or exceed their goals. Our coaches will take you through a five-part process while working together to move you in the direction you envision yourself going:

I have learned so much from coaching with Melissa. I have been able to dig deeper into my skills, strengths, weaknesses, and how to enhance and better my skills and/or fears. I have really benefited from having a coach who is non-white. It has been helpful to share my experiences and be vulnerable with where I am at in my learning journey.”

Inclusive and Equitable Leadership Coaching Client

Nonprofit Leader

Coaching with Melissa has done wonders for me, I have more confidence, it helped me refine my priorities, determine what matters, and I now have a clear vision that I’m pursuing. It’s been one of the most productive and personally fulfilling leadership development experiences.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client


Coaching helped me think through and develop tangible plans and actionable steps to take in response to vague feedback from team members and ambiguity in expectations from leadership. Oftentimes, senior leaders would provide unclear feedback with no specific actionable items. Melissa helped me identify ways to navigate difficult conversations with leadership in order to be able to understand and apply feedback that was often indirect and negative.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client


Thriven Partners LLC

Thriven Partners, LLC is a woman- and minority-owned limited liability company.