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cultivating breakthrough
thinking and action

cultivating breakthrough
thinking and action

Specialized Coaching for Leaders

We work with professionals invested in their development and with organizations that recognize talent development as mutually beneficial for leaders, high potentials, and the organization. 

Our primary clients are executives, leaders, and aspiring leaders ready to fine-tune their emotional intelligence, be more effective and inclusive leaders, navigate the complexity of identity in the workplace, balance career advancement goals with parenthood, establish their own business, or get through career and life transitions.

Current and past clients work primarily in Fortune 500 tech companies, big 4 accounting firms, start-ups, healthcare technology firms, and nonprofits.

This way to the

Join our exclusive community of aspiring executive women of color.

Prepare to move into the C-Suite alongside supportive peers and under the guidance of a Certified Executive Coach.

Our Integrated Approach

We provide inclusive and equitable leadership coaching informed by neuroscience, solution-focused psychology, flow (optimal experience), emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, intersectionality, and liberatory consciousness.

Certified Executive Coaching

Melissa’s work is laser-focused on cultivating bravery and strategic action in clients committed to being inclusive and equitable leaders who are emotionally intelligent change agents that shift organizational culture and practices at work and in their personal lives. 

Our Coaching

Coaching fosters a co-active relationship that is balanced, focused, challenging, supportive, and motivating. It leads to increased self-awareness, confidence, flexibility, pro-activity, a renewed sense of self and potential, and healthy relationships (personal and professional). We offer packages and programs that help you experience a shift in your habits, behaviors, and mindset.



Preset packages that include a discovery coaching call, 1:1 video or phone sessions, and access to our learning portal.


Leadership Assessments

We are certified to administer the EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, and the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) from Aperian Global.



Individual and group employee coaching for Executives, Senior Leaders, and High Potentials.

Organizational Partners

Our learning and organizational development professionals provide professional training and serve as non-judgmental thought partners and strategists. We partner with each individual as a coach and/or consultant to help our clients overcome blocks, strengthen emotional intelligence, expand their line of sight, and achieve their personal and/or organizational goals. 


As I was undergoing a transition to a new, higher role, having a coach to guide me through difficult scenarios was invaluable. My personal needs went from “immediate improvement needed” to “expanding strategic skills”, so my relationship with coaching changed throughout the engagement. That said, it’s been great to have someone who I can trust to help me with key decisions. In my 6 month coaching engagement with Melissa, I noticed having much more clarity in terms of outlining next steps and prioritizing team effort.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client, Senior Director

Coaching helped me think through and develop tangible plans and actionable steps to take in response to vague feedback from team members and ambiguity in expectations from leadership. Oftentimes, senior leaders would provide unclear feedback with no specific actionable items. Melissa helped me identify ways to navigate difficult conversations with leadership in order to be able to understand and apply feedback that was often indirect and negative.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client, Manager

Coaching with Melissa has done wonders for me, I have more confidence, it helped me refine my priorities, determine what matters, and I now have a clear vision that I’m pursuing. It’s been one of the most productive and personally fulfilling leadership development experiences.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client, Manager
  • Melissa was great in helping me through some tough decision I had to make for my business. I was feeling confused with the changes I had to make, and with her questions I was able to discover practical ways to think through this. She also helped me discover some things about me that I did not know and my patterns of thinking on certain things like trust. Thanks, Melissa, for the support.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client

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