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Experience breakthrough thinking and action

Inclusive and equitable leadership coaching informed by neuroscience, intercultural communication, and intersectionality.

Specialized coaching for leaders

Coaching can help leaders, high potentials, and organizations fine-tune their emotional intelligence, navigate the complexity of identity in the workplace, and become more effective and inclusive leaders.

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We work with professionals invested in their development and with organizations that recognize talent development as mutually beneficial.

Talent Development Starts Here.

Our coaching is balanced, focused, and motivating. Increase your self-awareness, confidence, and pro-activity, and gain a renewed sense of self and potential.

We offer packages that help you shift your habits, behaviors, and mindset that have a positive impact on your life and within your role as a leader.

Certified Executive Coach

Melissa Álvarez Mangual is an accomplished executive known for her expertise in executive coaching, leadership and people development, and organizational growth. As the founder of Thriven Partners, LLC, Melissa has established herself as a trusted leader in guiding individuals and organizations towards transformative change. 

With a deep commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement, Melissa’s approach centers around activating emotionally intelligent, inclusive, and equitable leaders. As an executive coach, she provides the right balance of challenge and support to help her clients achieve their goals. Through her strategic guidance and thought-provoking insights, she helps executives shift their mindsets, adopt positive habits, and drive meaningful progress within their organizations.

Coaching with Thriven Partners

We specialize in the development of equitable and inclusive leaders, mindset fitness, and emotional agility. Dr. Álvarez Mangual is well-equipped to work with leaders navigating identity experiences, balancing responsibilities of parenting with career ambition, executive leadership readiness, career advancement, and the empowerment of new people managers.

Income-sensitive pricing is available for individual and self-pay coaching packages. A discovery call is required to discuss and determine a pricing structure that suits the individual’s unique circumstances.

Individual Coaching

Preset packages that include a discovery coaching call, 1:1 video or phone sessions, and access to our learning portal.

Executive Coaching for Organizations

Curated coaching content related to your current professional goals and unlimited electronic communication between coaching sessions.

Mentor Coaching

Individual mentor coaching available now, with  small group mentor coaching beginning Spring 2024.

Testimonials from past coaching clients

Current and past clients work primarily in Fortune 500 companies, big 4 accounting firms, start-ups, healthcare technology firms, and nonprofits.

Coaching with Melissa has done wonders for me. I have more confidence, it helped me refine my priorities, determine what matters, and now I have a clear vision that I’m pursuing. it’s been one of the most product add personally fulfilling leadership development experiences.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client


Coaching helped me think through and develop tangible plans and actionable steps to take in response to vague feedback from team members and ambiguity in expectations from leadership….Melissa helped me identify ways to navigate difficult conversations with leadership in order to understand and apply feedback that was often indirect and negative.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client


As I was undergoing a transition to a new, higher role, having a coach to guide me through difficult scenarios was invaluable….it’s been great to have someone who I can trust to help me with key decisions. In my six-month coaching engagement with Melissa, I noticed having much more clarity in terms of outlining next steps and prioritizing team effort.

Executive Leadership Coaching Client

Senior Director

How does one balance life-long learning with mastery without diluting the quality of the knowledge you acquire? The key is to build on what you already know, expanding to secondary topics and interconnected information, and enjoying the process.

Thriven Partners LLC

Thriven Partners, LLC is a woman- and minority-owned limited liability company.